Quebec Trips 

Customer Agreement


Section 1: This Customer Agreement and the included attachments (“Agreement”) is made between the Tour Operator (as described below) and the Traveler (herein referred to as “Customer”, “Group”, “Participant”, “I”, “You”, “School” or “Your”). After reading this entire customer agreement, you must indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement by clicking the appropriate box online or sending a signed copy to our office by mail for your reservation to be complete.


Section 2: Tour Operator: All packages and related components have been arranged by the Tour Operator, Quebec Trips (“QT” or “Quebec Trips”), a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company located at 200 Broadway Suite 205, Lynnfield, MA 01940. QT is responsible for making travel arrangements through independent vendors and suppliers and does not own or operate any airline, hotel, establishment, transportation, insurance, tour, or event company or provider that may be included in its package offerings. QT is not responsible for the individual actions, rules, and regulations of these independent vendors and suppliers.


Section 3: Reservations and Payments: 

Payments may be made by a credit card, school, or individual check.


Payments made by check may be made and sent to:

Quebec Trips 

200 Broadway, Suite 205

Lynnfield, MA 01940


Reservations and payments may be made by accessing your account online or by phone at 1-617-213-9225. The non-refundable per person deposit amount described in brochure/flier/invoice/website/confirmation is required by the due date in order to secure the reservation. 


Deposits, periodic and final payments are due in our office by the due date associated therewith. Payment due dates vary according to your package and chosen payment plan. Please refer to your invoice/booking agreement/portal details for exact payment due dates or contact our office. 


Failure to make on-time payments may result in cancellation of the reservation, loss of first choice hotel, flight, transportation type, reservation suspension, assessment of a late payment fee or reinstatement fee, and/or removal of all price discounts/adjustments and booking incentives previously applied to your account. 


Payments may be made by school check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover credit/debit card on our secure website or by phone and the cardholder must agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. Personal checks will be accepted, although reservation is not considered complete and tickets will not be issued until the check has cleared and monies have been received from the issuing bank.


Section 3A: Trip Invoice: The trip invoice will be made to the school or group trip organizer organizing the trip. The school or group trip organizer will be making the payments directly to QT using various forms of payments available as indicated in the previous paragraphs. In the case the group organizer has chosen individual payments, it is understood that the trip organizer has accepted the terms and conditions on behalf of the group herein in order to proceed with the booking of the trip. 


3B: Credit Cards: QT accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit/debit cards. You may make payments by credit card by accessing your account online or by calling our office. Customers paying by credit card must agree to these terms and conditions contained herein and, by doing so, have agreed to waive all credit card chargeback rights. If a credit card chargeback occurs, QT has the right to charge a fee of $25.00 per chargeback attempt. If a credit card chargeback is approved by the payment processor, the passenger remains responsible for providing 100% of the funds to QT in a different method of payment. 


3C: School Payments: QT accepts payments made on behalf of the group by the school or group trip organizer. Trip organizers can indicate this when accepting the proposal on QT’s portal, NorthStar. 


3D: Individual Payments: QT accepts individual payments directly by credit card or check payments. All individual passengers wishing to make payments to QT will be required to create an account on Quebec Trips portal (referred to as “NorthStar”) and individually accept terms and conditions anytime a payment is made. 


Section 4: Reserving and booking a tour/travel package with Quebec Trips 

When reserving and booking a tour/travel package with QT, the process includes registration of passengers, deposits, payment schedule, and final payments. The following sections describe each of these categories: 

Sample Itinerary

Proposed customized itinerary 

Trip Quote/Proposal 

Itinerary inclusions with the pricing based on pricing for any passenger type, including youth, adults and teachers. 

Booking Agreement 

An agreed trip package and proposal based on the pricing agreement and passenger minimums 

Trip Invoice

The invoice is based on the booking agreement 

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of these terms and conditions is the agreement between the travelers and QT

4A Registration: 

Any paying/non-paying traveler or participant is required to register on our website portal system, NorthStar. The enrollment period will be based on the type of trip and terms agreed upon with a Quebec Trips Tour Specialist and the trip organizer. 


This may be a good place to say: all passengers must register and all minors must provide emergency contact information along with  parent or guardian contact information. 


4B Deposits: 

Quebec Trips requires a land portion trip deposit, as well as an air portion trip deposit if required. The initial deposit(s), the enrollment deposit, is due after/or during the registration period when the number of participants has been determined. The per passenger trip price is reflected based on the true number of participants that deposited, not the original signed trip proposal. 


A $50.00 per paying passenger land trip deposit is required in order to secure all travel arrangements. The per passenger deposit may be altered or changed based on the agreement between the Quebec Trips Tour Specialist and the trip organizer. 


All deposits are considered non-refundable


4C Payments:

A payment schedule is provided to each participant/passenger on their individual account on our website portal, NorthStar. Payment schedules are determined by the Quebec Trips Tour Specialist and trip organizer.  


4D Final Payment: 

The final trip payment will be due 90 days prior to departure. Payment plans and individual accounts will reflect the date of final payment of 90 days prior to departure. 


No services will be provided, started, or initiated unless fully paid prior to departure. All trips must be paid in full by the final payment deadline as stated in the invoice and passenger portal (90 days prior to departure). Failure to submit the final payment to QT on time will be subject to cancellation of all services and forfeit of all sums. 


Quebec Trips payment terms will include monthly payments divided equally amongst the amount of months until final payment 90 days prior to trip departure. While payment terms can be arranged and agreed to with your Quebec Trips Tour Specialist, however, certain deposit and final payment dates cannot be guaranteed or changed by the vendor agreements and contracts Quebec Trips has in place. Flexible payment terms may not always be available or negotiated. 


Example Payment Schedule: 

Total trip price: $650.00

Trip Deposit: $50.00 

Payment Month 1: $150.00 

Payment Month 2: $150.00 

Payment Month 3: $150.00

Final 90 Days Payment: $150.00


If final payment is not received on time, it may result in cancellation or a reinstatement fee. If the invoice is paid by 1 form of payment the reinstatement fee is a total of $100.00. If the invoice is paid by individual traveler payments, the reinstatement fee is $25.00 per paying late passenger. 


Example Payment Schedule: 

Total trip price: $650.00

Trip Deposit: $50.00 

Payment Month 1: $150.00 

Payment Month 2: $150.00 

Payment Month 3: $150.00

Final 90 Days Payment: $150.00

If payment is late after 90 days to departure: $25.00 per passenger reinstatement fee or $100.00 total if paying in 1 form of payment. 


Quebec Trips cannot guarantee all travel arrangements as per the booking agreement and invoice if the final payment is made within less than 90 days prior to departure. 


90-120 Days before departure

Airfare final payments due (Varies by airline- will be determined with your booking agreement) 

90 Days before departure

Final flight passenger list due 

90 Days before departure

All trips final payment due 

90 Days before departure

Final rooming list due 

15 Days before departure 

Final itinerary given to group 

1-2 Days before departure

Remaining communication between Quebec Trips and the group before travel. 

4E Reserving a Domestic or International trip with Airfare included: 

A $100.00 air deposit, along with the $50.00 ground deposit, per passenger is required within 12 days of the airfare trip booking in order to secure the quoted airfare. A deposit is required to secure the non-refundable airline ticket. The air portion cost will vary and is indicated on your booking agreement and final invoice. 


The deposit for air is to only secure your reservation and is considered non-refundable with the airline or QT. No airline vouchers will be issued in the event of a cancellation. 



Section 5 Package Inclusions: All package inclusions listed on your booking agreement/ invoice are subject to terms and conditions contained herein. All transportation providers, hotel accommodations, and events and locations are subject to change. In the event of a package inclusion change, equal or upgraded accommodations will be provided. In the case of an inclusion change, our Quebec Trips Tour Specialist or Customer Service Representative will inform the trip organizer.  In the event of changes by other vendors, an equal or similar option will be offered or the costs associated with the specific vendor. If QT deems the change by the vendor is not equivalent, QT may have the option to refund the cost to the group. 


5A Special Circumstances / Custom Bookings: At times, there may be a non-refundable deposit required by a vendor/supplier to guarantee a reservation. If such a non-refundable deposit was paid by QT to any supplier, this amount is considered non-refundable to the passenger. 


Section 6 Changes to Reservation or Booking: Any change made to a reservation, once payment has been received, must be requested in writing by emailing [email protected] or your Quebec Trips Tour Specialist. In most circumstances, QT is subject to the rules and fees of third-party vendors and suppliers, and therefore change requests are not guaranteed. If the requested change is possible, any fees incurred by the vendor or supplier, as well as an administration fee will be added to the reservation.


Any requested changes made within 60 days prior to the trip departure may incur a per passenger change fee in addition to any supplements or pricing change that could be affected. Adding or reducing the passenger count or other changes to the itinerary inclusions or trip invoice will be considered a change. Last-minute changes required QT to make multiple amendments and changes to reservations/confirmations with vendors and can have an impact on service delivery. 


6A Airfare Name Changes: Name changes (name changes on airline bookings are generally not permitted unless otherwise indicated) and may incur a $250.00 (or more subject to the airline policy) name change fee plus any change fee imposed by the airline.  QT is not responsible for any name change fees imposed or requested by the passenger. 


Other airline fees such as baggage fees and fuel surcharges are subject to change and modification by the airline. The contract between Quebec Trips and the airline will serve as support to any fuel or baggage surcharges that may be added. 


6B Flight Details:

The dates of travel listed are guaranteed. Your exact flight details will be available approximately 30 days prior to the start of your trip. Quebec Trips does not guarantee specific arrival or departure times, non-stop flights, or specific airlines. Groups of 8 or more are not guaranteed on the same flights, although we will try our best to do so.


Quebec Trips will not purchase the quoted flight until all passengers have paid in full for the flight portion of their package. Full payment is required to confirm schedule and fares, at which time they will be ticketed. Name and schedule changes may be possible and are subject to any difference in fare, any applicable airline-imposed change fee, and $50.00 per ticket. All tickets and ticket-holders subject to the terms set forth by the airline. The airline may charge additional fees for checked baggage or other optional services. Make sure to check your dates for accuracy.


6C Alternate Airports

For a handful of departure cities, Quebec Trips uses “Alternate Airports”. For the below departure cities, you will fly in and out of the same airport, however, Quebec Trips can use any of the listed airports.

NYC – JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport), LGA (LaGuardia Airport), or EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport) BWI/DC – BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Airport), IAD (Washington Dulles International Airport), or DCA (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

Chicago – ORD (O’Hare International Airport) or MDW (Chicago Midway International Airport)

Miami/Ft Lauderdale – MIA (Miami International Airport), or FLL (Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport) 




Section 7 Cancellation and Refund Policy: In the event that the traveler wishes to cancel his/her reservation, requests must be made in writing by email to [email protected]. No oral or voicemail cancellations or changes will be accepted by QT. 

Quebec Trips- Cancellation and Refund Policy

Days before departure

The penalty in case of full or partial cancellation 

Initial Trip Deposit 

$50.00 per paying passenger: 100% Non-Refundable 

Invoice Date to 961 days 

100% Non-Refundable 

Less than 9060 days 

100% Non-Refundable 

Big ticket entertainment; i.e. Broadway Shows, Sports Venues

100% Non-Refundable 

Airline Deposits/Final Payments

$100.00 per paying passenger- 100% Non-Refundable 

Airline Name Change Fee

$250.00 (+varies) per change- 100% Non-Refundable 

Other non-refundable vendors/fees

100% Non-Refundable 


7A Full Group Cancellation: Trip organizers can cancel a trip at any time, however, fees are applicable as per the schedule above.


7B Individual Cancellation, Price Variations, and Price Adjustments:  All group tour pricing is based on a minimum number of paying passengers. If an individual should need to cancel and the minimum number of paying passengers is maintained, the trip price per traveler will not be affected. 


Should a passenger cancel before the final payment and the minimum number of passengers changes below the tiers threshold, then the pricing per passenger will be affected. 



22 -27 Paying passengers $500.00 per paying traveler

16- 21 Paying passengers $575.00 per paying traveler

10-15 Paying passengers $650.00 per paying traveler 


In the above example, if the group is composed of 22-27 paying travelers, the invoice would be $500.00 per person. Should the paying passenger count drop below 22 paying passengers, or go above 27 paying passengers, the per passenger price would change. The price per traveler would be adjusted to match the correct passenger tier pricing. As more paying passengers are added, up to the maximum passengers indicated, the price would go down if the minimums are reached. 


If additional adult passengers are added to the confirmed booking agreement for student tours, an occupancy surcharge of $150.00 will be added onto the individual package price. 


7C Tour Cancellation by Quebec Trips: Quebec Trips reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time deemed necessary. 


In the unlikely event that a cancellation of a tour/trip package becomes necessary, QT will notify the trip organizer and/or participants at the earliest possible time and will provide an alternative option at no additional cost. The alternative option, for example, may be a date change for the trip. If the alternative option is not accepted by the participant, QT will provide a full refund of all monies paid to QT, provided the option is declined in writing within 7 days of receipt of cancellation notification. 


Quebec Trips is not responsible for cancellations due to circumstances beyond QT’s control, or force majeure (including or similar to political/civil unrest, war or threat of war, riots, closure of airports, or ports, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, pandemic, epidemic, COVID-19 or other or any other health risk, Acts of God, sickness, breakdown, customs regulations, strikes, hotel overbooking, or adverse weather conditions). If QT changes any travel package, QT will refund any decreased value of the travel package from the original package as its sole reimbursement to participants for the travel change.


7D Cancellation of Confirmed Airfares: Most airlines require a non-refundable payment in full equal to the published airfare at the time of booking to secure the best available schedule and fare. No cash refunds will be issued by QT for air cancellations. Each airline’s cancellation policies, restrictions, and conditions vary, so please check with the air carriers directly for information on available credit towards a future air ticket.




All requests for refunds for US Travelers must be made as claims under the travel insurance directly to the insurance company. For those travelers without travel insurance as mentioned above Cancellation and Refund Policy; Refer to refund/cancellation schedule above. QT strongly recommends the purchase of an available travel protection plan to provide protection to travelers in the event of certain types of trip cancellation and trip interruption.


7F Terrorism and International Unrest: Participant acknowledges that international travel includes some exposure to international terrorism and political unrest. QT is under no obligation to cancel, alter or refund any travel package due to the risk or perceived risk of terrorism, political unrest, or violence.


No Section 8


Section 9 Travelers with Certain Handicaps and Medical Conditions: Any passenger with incapacities, handicaps, or requiring special attention or treatment must submit by a qualified medical person that the person is able to travel. Special needs travelers can be accommodated if sufficient time is allowed for QT to make necessary arrangements. The trip organizer should indicate ADA requirements are required to their Quebec Trips Tour Specialist when they are planning the trip. 


If a traveler requires special medical conditions, including severe allergies, it is important to indicate this to the Quebec Trips Tour Specialist prior to travel. QT cannot ensure a hypoallergenic environment under any circumstances. All travelers are responsible for their medication and/or any treatment during the course of the trip. 


Section 10 Travel Protection Insurance Plan: By choosing to offer travel insurance protection, Quebec Trips is providing passengers with a financial safety net for the most unforeseen travel inconveniences. This Post Departure Travel Protection Plan has been created to suit most any traveler’s coverage needs like: Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Medical Transportation, Baggage Loss/Damage, Travel Delay, and Travel Accidents. 


10A Protect your travel investment with Cancellation Protection:

QT requires the purchase of a travel protection plan to provide protection to travelers in the event of certain types of trip cancellation and trip interruption.


If a passenger needs to cancel their trip, the right to a refund is limited unless covered by our offered optional Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) plan through our contracted travel insurance operator or any travel insurance plan purchased by the individual that provides a refund for the specific cancelled reason. QT’s optional CFAR policy made available through our vendor could provide a refund of up to 75% of what the passenger pays to Quebec Trips (excluding the price of the insurance) if the passenger needs to cancel. This cancellation must occur at least  up to 48 hours prior to the trip.


CFAR insurance was previously not offered to passengers traveling from the state of New York. As of March 2021, CFAR travel insurance is available for residents to purchase through a retail website. This optional policy provides customers with the same coverage as the policy offered to all other covered states. 


QT is not responsible for any refunds, as the trip is 100% non-refundable through QT. QT is not responsible in any way for the travel insurance policy if purchased by the traveler separately not through QT. If a passenger denies or fails to add travel insurance coverage to their package, the passenger gives up all rights of requesting a refund (and or chargebacks?). All funds paid to QT are considered non-refundable. 

This insurance is made available to you at the first stage of payment and a traveler may accept and add it to their account. The policy will be purchased through Travel Insured, Quebec Trips Agency #: 52946 – 1‑800‑243‑3174

10B Passenger filing a travel insurance claim with Travel Insured: For any United States travelers, the refund options are limited to claims against the travel insurance policy, if purchased. 

10C Passenger filing a travel insurance claim with alternative travel insurance: QT is not responsible in any way for the travel insurance policy if purchased by the traveler separately. 



Section 11 Proof of Citizenship Required for Travel: ALL NAMES MUST BE AS THEY APPEAR ON YOUR PASSPORT (first and last names only). All travelers are required to provide proper identification for air travel and/or customs and immigration. US citizens must have a valid passport to travel outside the United States. Expired travel documents and proof of citizenship are never acceptable. Non-US citizens must consult their consulate for ID or visa requirements. IT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN PROPER IDENTIFICATION/PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP AND/OR ANY TRAVEL VISA FOR TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE US. Minors traveling outside the United States must carry a notarized consent to minor’s travel signed by all parents with legal custody. Passengers who are denied boarding or entry for improper documentation may not be eligible for a travel insurance reimbursement or QT refund of any amount. Visit for information pertaining to required documentation for International travel or call (202) 647-4000.


11A Passport and Visa Fees: Unless specifically stated in your trip invoice, the passengers trip with QT does not include any passport or visa fees that a passenger may incur. These fees are in addition to the package price, paid for and only by the passenger. If a passport or visa is required and a passenger does not provide the proper documentation, QT reserves the right to deny passengers the right to travel. 


Section 12 Transportation: The type of transportation provided by QT varies by package type, week of travel, group size, and individual preferences. Please check your invoice for details. Private transfers are used for escorted tours when possible, but scheduled service routes may be utilized at times for small groups. In the event that you miss the scheduled departure for any event or transfer, it is your responsibility to arrange transportation to the next arrival/departure point to rejoin the scheduled tour/itinerary. No refunds will be issued for missed transportation. Chauffeured and self-drive packages require specific custom requests to be determined and agreed upon by you and QT prior to confirming the reservation. It is understood that QT reserves these services through other suppliers and is not responsible for additional standard fees applied by the supplier, or fees that may be charged due to a change in the original reservation or itinerary.

Fuel-related fees charged by individual airlines and government departure taxes/fees are subject to change at any time and beyond the control of QT. Changes to these charges are passed to the tour Participant and are subject to change at any time. Any change in these fees will be adjusted accordingly on your account no later than 10 days prior to departure and, in the event of an increase, must be paid in full prior to departure regardless of whether the account was previously paid in full.


12A Motorcoach Transportation: QT contracts with various DOT approved motorcoach carriers. QT is ultimately not responsible for any delays due to mechanical breakdowns or other uncontrollable events and/or delays caused by them. We insist that all travelers have comprehensive travel insurance to cover all unexpected costs and delays. 


All QT itineraries will respect and follow the FMCSA rules for all driving hours and service. Should your itinerary go beyond the FMCSA allocation, a relief driver may be requested and included in your trip package. 


Section 13 Hotel Accommodations: All hotel accommodations have been arranged by QT. Hotels may vary by destination, city, and week of travel. QT reserves the right to substitute hotel accommodations of similar quality at any time as long as the substituted accommodations are in the same city and destination and with the same arrival/departure schedule. Check-in/check-out times, amenities, and hotel policies vary by hotel. Occupancy for all travel packages is typically Quad/Four (4 people) occupancy per youth room and Double/Twin (2 People) for adults, unless specifically stated otherwise in writing in your travel package. Additional fees for less than maximum occupancy will be the responsibility of the Participant if the Participant requests reduced occupancy in writing from QT and said the reduction is confirmed in writing by QT.  Bedding selections are not guaranteed by the hotels and therefore cannot be guaranteed to Participants by QT. Hotel rules govern the bed configuration provided at the time of check-in.


13A Hotel Security Deposits / Incidental Charges: Hotel policies vary by hotel regarding refundable security deposits and incidental charges. Should a passenger cause damages, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to pay the damages. When agreeing to these terms and conditions, it is known that QT is not responsible for any dues to any vendor for damages made by the traveler. 


Section 14 Optional Tours and Excursions: QT has made arrangements with various suppliers in each destination to offer a variety of optional tours and excursions, in which coupons/vouchers/tickets will be given to you upon purchase. It is your sole responsibility to retain all coupons/vouchers/tickets. No refunds will be given for lost, stolen, or unused coupons/vouchers/tickets.


14A Unused Tour Arrangements: No refunds or credits will be provided to participants by QT for any unused accommodations, flights, services, or other package features unless agreed to in writing by both parties. Separate travel insurance is available from Travel Insured and may, in accordance with its terms, cover trip interruption due to certain medical, family emergencies or other unanticipated events. See Plan for details and section above regarding Travel Insurance. QT strongly recommends travelers purchase travel insurance.


Section 15 Participant Code of Conduct: Participant agrees and covenants to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in conformance with all local and international laws and rules and regulations of applicable independent vendors associated with their travel package. QT, in its own sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any Participant that violates any law, foreign or domestic, is disruptive to the tour group or threatens to harm themselves or others. QT will assume no responsibility for the travel accommodations or return travel arrangements for any Participant so removed from a tour, whether guided or self-guided. Expulsion of a participant from their Hotel shall constitute removal of the Participant from the tour. Participant acknowledges that the travel insurance may deny any claim for Participant’s costs related to expulsion or removal under this paragraph.


Section 16 Communication with Parents/Legal Guardian: Participant acknowledges and authorizes QT to communicate with any minor Participant’s parent or legal guardian regarding any details of the travel package, health issues occurring during travel, inappropriate conduct leading to or including removal from a tour or any other matter related to this travel package. Participant knowingly waives all privacy regulations and rights that may otherwise apply.


Section 17 Assumption of Risk: Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability is included by reference and made part of this Agreement. Please review it carefully.


Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk:

The following document contains important changes to your rights in the event of loss of property, personal injury, and death as well as advises you of some of the potential risks of international/domestic  travel. Please read this document carefully and consult an attorney if you have any questions.


Participants acknowledge that travel presents varying degrees of risk of personal injury and even death which may or may not be present within the United States. Common risks include differences in building construction in Europe including, but not limited to, balconies and railings. Railings in Europe are significantly lower and sometimes weaker than in the US. In addition, glass in windows and doors may not be as strong allowing Participants to break the glass and fall through the opening. Vehicle safety rules, such as seat belt use and even availability, may also vary, exposing Participants to additional hazardous conditions. DEATH AND SERIOUS BODILY INJURY HAS OCCURRED as a result of these conditions. Participant, in conformance with the attached Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability, hereby releases QT of any claims for personal injury, death, or property damage while participating in the travel package hereunder.


All travel and especially international travel includes risk and potential exposure to property damage or loss, personal injury, and death. In addition, the laws of other nations vary considerably from those in the United States and may substantially deprive the Participant of many expected rights under the laws of the United States. These risks include, but are not limited to, my, or other people’s inappropriate or illegal use of alcohol or drugs during these trips, the negligent or criminal activity of myself or other third parties, recreational activities such as parasailing, water skiing, winter snow sports, rock climbing, high adventure ropes courses or zip-lining, snorkeling, scuba diving, boat, and jet ski rentals. Other risks include acts of God, force majeure, weather emergencies, mechanical equipment breakdown or failure, government actions, attacks by animals, availability or quality of medical treatment, terrorism or the threat of terrorism, war, civil disobedience or disorder, sanitary conditions, food quality, government quarantine, government customs actions and regulations, epidemics, strikes, vendor overbooking, safety or security standards during the trip or at any hotels, quality of public walkways, sidewalks, stairways, and any other unregulated structure. There may be other foreseeable and unforeseeable risks that require the Participant to exercise appropriate caution and appreciation for dangerous situations.


In addition, QT may have made arrangements that include third-party vendors who are not owned or controlled by QT. QT does not control or direct their individual operations and can not be responsible for the actions or inactions of these vendors and their staff that may expose the Participant to dangerous situations or result in personal injury or death. I, the undersigned Participant, state that I am voluntarily participating in the trip arranged by QT, understand and acknowledge the risk and dangers, agree to be responsible for my own actions, and assume the risk of personal injury or death arising out of the travel arrangements, trip or vendor activities arranged by QT. In anticipation of my travel and participation in these types of potentially dangerous activities, I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in this trip and mentally capable of recognizing dangerous or hazardous situations, whether foreseen or unforeseen, as they may come up during this trip and that I am mentally capable of refusing to participate in any activity which is too dangerous or hazardous.


By executing this document either in writing or accepting it electronically on QT’s website during the booking and payment process, the Participant specifically acknowledges and assumes the risks of travel, both foreign and domestic, and the risk of personal injury or death while traveling and/or participating in activities during the trip arranged by QT.


17 B Responsibility: By agreeing to and signing this customer agreement (including a digital signature or checking the terms and conditions acceptance box during booking), the Participant hereby agrees to accept and be legally bound by all of the terms and conditions contained herein with no exceptions. I understand that QT(Quebec Trips, LLC) does not own or operate any entity which provides goods or services for my trip including, but not limited to, air carriers, hotels, ground operators, boat or bus companies, restaurants, and other establishments, and sightseeing/side excursion tours (“vendors and suppliers”), nor is QT responsible for any personal injury, property damage, or other loss a passenger incurs on any portion of the tour arising from acts or omissions by said independent vendors and suppliers.


17C Release of Liability: As consideration for being permitted to participate in travel arrangements and activities made by Quebec Trips, LLC, I forever release QT, its owners, partners, agents, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives, related entities, and insurers (collectively “Release Parties”), from any and all actions, claims and demands that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse, or legal representatives now have or may have in the future for property damage, personal injury or death related to (i) my participation in these travel arrangements and/or activities coordinated by QT; (ii) the negligence or other acts, whether directly connected to these activities or not, and however caused, by any Released Party, or (iii) the condition of the premises or equipment used for or during these activities. I also agree that my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse, or legal representatives will not attach any property of the Released Parties in connection with any release claims hereunder.


Section 19 Medical Treatment: I understand that QT and its related parties are not responsible for my medical treatment in the event of an injury during the travel arrangements or activities coordinated by QT. However, should such treatment be necessary and a QT representative is able to voluntarily assist and I am unable to communicate with the local health care providers, I hereby authorize the QT representative to seek all life saving medical treatment necessary and that I, or my health insurance provider, will assume responsibility for all costs of such treatment.


Section 20 Consent to Photos and Video Use: Participant hereby authorizes QT, its corporate affiliates, licensees and assigns permission to use and edit Participant’s image, without Participant’s further approval, in any photograph, video, or other media without any payment or other consideration. Such use shall extend to any lawful purpose including, but not limited to, marketing materials produced for or by QT whether digital, cyber, print, or video. Participant agrees that all such images or materials are the sole property of QT, its successors, or assigns. Participants and its heirs, parents, and guardians, waive all claims for compensation and hold QT, its successors and assigns, harmless and forever release and discharge QT from all claims associated with this release and authorization.

_____________________________________________________________________________________Section 21 Severability: The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of this Agreement, or the invalidity of its application to a specific situation or circumstance, shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this Agreement, or its application to other situations or circumstances. Any provision of this Agreement held invalid or unenforceable only in part or degree will remain in full force and effect to the extent not held invalid or unenforceable.


The parties hereto agree that if any term or section of this agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, that said term or section shall be severed from this agreement and the remainder of the agreement shall be in full force and effect. In the event that any term of any other travel document provided by QT conflicts with the terms of this Release of Liability, the terms of this Release shall govern all other terms.


Section 22 Claims or Disputes/Arbitration: In the event of a dispute or claim made by the Participant concerning, relating, or referring to this Agreement, advertisement of the tour, tour inclusions, the performance of QT, or any claim made against QT, QT will make every effort to resolve said dispute or claim between the individual parties involved. If the dispute or claim cannot be resolved between the Participant and QT, the Participant agrees that any dispute or claim shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration according to the then-existing rules of the American Arbitration Association in an arbitration governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA and conducted within 20 miles of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In connection with any action or legal proceeding arising out of this agreement, the parties hereby specifically and knowingly waive any rights that either party might have to demand a jury trial.


Section 23 Acknowledgment: Clicking “I accept” or the appropriate button on this online form indicates that I have, on the date shown, read and understood this document and I acknowledge that it affects my legal rights and agree to be bound by its terms. By accepting this agreement, further signifies my intention to relieve and indemnify QT, its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and subcontractors from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death which I might suffer during my participation in the scheduled tour package.


23A ELECTRONIC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By checking the appropriate box in QT’s booking and payment website, I agree that I have voluntarily accepted and agree to be bound by the above terms. I understand that this relieves QT from all liability arising out of the travel arrangements and activities coordinated by QT. If I am agreeing on behalf of another individual, I warrant that I have the legal capacity to bind that individual to the terms of this document.

4/21/2021 SM