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Benefits of Quebec City School trips

School trips are a great way for teachers and students to connect beyond the class room. It’s a chance for educators to help students discover new places, history, cultures, languages and more. One of the best places to do this is in Quebec City in “La Belle Province”. There are many Benefits of Quebec City School trips.

– Learn more about the history

– Discover a new culture

– Learn some french or improve your language skills

The History

Firstly, it may seem curious, but the history of Quebec City is intimately tied to American history. The first settlement is originally founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 Quebec City. Quebec would fall to the english after the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

From 1760 to 1776 events in America and in Quebec were connected. In 1774, the American would have Quebec in their crosshairs. It was an important defense point o the St-Lawrence River. In exchange for the french fighting with the english, the english crown promised they can continue to use french as their language, legal matters would continue to be under the civil code (napoleonic code) and they could continue to practice their religion, catholicism.

The french fought with the British against the Americans lead by Montgomery and Arnold. They had won Montreal and were pushed back in Quebec city.

And because of this, today, Quebec is a french stronghold in North America. As well, the civil code is still used and the catholic religion was the dominant practice in the french community.

The Culture

Secondly, French Canadian culture is not that far removed from France/french culture. The joie de vivre of the french is felt everywhere. The passion for food, festivals and hosting guests is palpable. There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying simple pleasures of local delicacies: from frites and poutine, tourtiere, maple syrup, duck and more, each meal is an event to be enjoyed.


Thirdly, French has been spoken here since the mid 1500’s when Jacques Cartier first explored the river. Further settlers would go to Montreal and Quebec and others into the great lakes. Detroit is actually originally french.

If you are not familiar with french not to worry. In Quebec they are very welcoming. They will help ou along in english or a combination of both known as frenglish or franglais. Eventually everyone understands each other. It’s part of the experience.

Perfecting your french is one of the great benefits of Quebec City School trips. As a result, everywhere you go, every interaction is an opportunity to push your knowledge.  Above all your understanding of french will grow.

For these reasons or just simple curiosity to learn more about our neighbors to the north. These are some of the benefits of Quebec City School trips you and your students will enjoy as you create memorable moments on your travels.


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