Je me Souviens

Quebec City is a magical city to be discovered

Our Quebec City School Trips 

3 Day Quebec City School Trip Itinerary  

Your Itinerary highlights: Ghost Tour of the Old City

Looking for a quick adventure to discover the culture of this incredible province and city, start with our 3 day program.

Barrow streets of lower town quebec city

4 Day FRENCH Trip to Quebec City Itinerary

Your Itinerary highlights : Dinner at the "Cabane a Sucre"

Looking for a French travel experience to "La Vielle Capitale"? This is the perfect introduction to "la Belle Province's" epicenter.

4 Day Winter FRENCH Trip to Quebec City Itinerary

Your Itinerary highlights: Le Carnaval De Quebec

Find out the secrets to taming winter as you join the festivities of "le Carnaval de Quebec".

5 Day Montreal / Quebec City Combo School Trip Itinerary

Your Itinerary highlights

Combine the charm of Quebec City's history and the vibe of the larger metropolis of Montreal.

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Quebec school trips are affordable travel experiences for student groups. From the narrow streets of 17th century Quebec city to the vibrant energy of the big french metropolis of Montreal; discover Quebec and all of its fascinating culture and history.